How to Read Newspapers Online

By Greyson Ferguson

Whether you prefer the convenience of its website to the printed version of a newspaper, or just can't get a printed copy of your favorite daily where you live, it's easy to read newspapers online. Navigating a newspaper's website can be different than paging through the print version, but a few clicks should find you everything you would typically read.

Step 1

Type the name of the newspaper you want to read into the URL bar of your browser, or, if your browser doesn't take you where you want to go, go to your preferred search engine to find the paper's address.

Step 2

The site's front page will display the top headlines, much the same as the printed page. Click the links to read whatever interests you.

Step 3

Look at the top of the page, or the far left or right sides, for an index of the newspaper's sections, such as "Local," "Business," "Sports," "Classifieds," and "Entertainment."

Step 4

Click the section you want to view. The top stories on the page you just opened are likely the same ones you would see on the front page of the printed version of that section --- or news that broke after the print version went to press.

Step 5

Click "Home" to return to the website's front page to browse further; if you're looking for something specific and don't immediately see it, many websites have a search function --- often in a top corner or down one of the sides of the screen --- to help you find what you're looking for.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most papers allow you to view the online versions of their stories for free, though many require you register with the website, giving your name, email address and other details. Some newspapers allow you to view a limited number of stories for free, but require you pay a subscription fee to read selected stories, or to read more than a certain number of stories.