How to Reboot a Hard Drive

By Ezmeralda Lee

Keep your computer running to its fullest performance. When your computer stops running because of a virus or any other reason you might have to reboot your hard drive. What it entails is wiping your hard drive clean and replacing it with new information. You can hope that you don’t have to do it ever, but in the remote instance that you do here is some guidance.

Things You'll Need

  • A computer
  • A CD from the manufacturer or
  • A Recovery CD made by you

Step 1

Your computer is not responding to any command and it is frustrating you. Try to reboot your computer by turning it off and on again, if that does not work, then the problem is of a more serious nature. You might have to reboot your hard drive. This problem can happen with old computers or new ones.

Step 2

Find the CD that came with the computer which contains recovery files on it. It might be a disk that has a new operating system installed or it might contain that plus the programs that came with the computer, when you first bought it. Or it might be a recovery CD that you have burned.

Step 3

Insert the disk into your CD ROM drive and it will bring up a screen that might have a number of options, especially if you have Windows Vista which is the latest. It will ask if you wish to have Windows Vista repair the hard drive for you. If that does not work you have to reboot your hard drive manually.

Step 4

Bite the bullet and start the reboot process by saying "Yes" to the question of do you wish to reboot your hard drive or similar, because each computer depending on the make could have different questions. Once you say "Yes" to that question there is no turning back, or turning your computer off.

Step 5

Keep in mind that the computer will totally erase all info and start installing everything new. There might be some programs that you might still have to install later on your own. Once the CD has done the installation it will reboot your computer automatically or depending on the system you might have to reboot yours manually.

Step 6

Assess the situation once it all comes back up. Whatever programs have not been installed by the CD, put them on one at a time. If you are doing the initial installation from a recovery disk you have fewer problems as a lot of your data is still there. However you might still lose some from the last time you made the recovery disk.

Step 7

Once all your programs are in and you have recovered from the initial shock, tweak everything back to the way you like it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not forget to make recovery disks this time so you not get into the same problem.
  • During this whole process you cannot turn your computer off for any reason.