How to Reboot an eMachines PC

By Billy Kirk

While restarting a computer is an incredibly simple task, sometimes a more complete solution is necessary to aid in troubleshooting an older PC and taking care of problems such as spyware and adware. As such, a complete reboot, or move back to original factory settings, may be necessary. With an eMachines PC running Windows, this is a multi-step process that takes up a chunk of time; however, it is ultimately a fairly easygoing process that should pose no serious roadblocks, even to those unacquainted with rebooting to factory settings.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button on the Windows desktop. Check through the program list and hit the "Recovery Management" option.

Step 2

Select the "Restore" option with the management window opens. This will take your eMachines PC back to its factory settings and completely reboot the computer to its original, or factory, specification. Click "Start" to begin the process. Have your administrative password on hand, if applicable, as this will have to be entered correctly in order to proceed.

Step 3

Wait for the computer to restart for the first time. When the restoration box reappears following restart, click on "Next" until the hard drive partition option appears. Choose to create the hard drive partition, where the factory default installation for the eMachines PC will be made. Creating this partition will lead to a complete reboot of the system.

Step 4

Click "OK" when asked to restart again. Wait for the eMachines PC to restart, but keep in mind that this second restart will take longer as the computer adjusts to the new settings. The computer will believe it is in fact restarting for the first time, so the process will be more elaborate. Once the computer finishes restarting, wait for the "Set Up Windows" dialog box to come up. Hit "Next" twice in a row, and approve the license agreement that comes up. Failure to approve this license agreement will indefinitely stall the rebooting process.

Step 5

Choose a user name and password to adopt for this installation of your eMachines PC, although this is completely optional. Hit "Next."

Step 6

Wait for the Windows protection dialog box to appear. Once it does, hit the "Use Recommended Settings" tab. Then, set the date and time settings depending on your time zone. Click on "Start" to finish the overall process. Your eMachines PC is now fully rebooted to its original settings, although it may take several more minutes for the process to officially complete itself due to recovery management taking place.

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