How to Receive a Skype Call

By Morgan O'Connor

In addition to letting you send messages to other Skype users and call cell phones or telephones, Skype allows you to call any other Skype account for free. Of course, this means you can also receive calls. As long as you have a working microphone and speakers and are logged in to Skype, you are ready to receive incoming calls from other Skype users. These calls may either be voice calls, such as you would make or receive on a telephone, or voice with video calls, whereby you can see the other person and/or he can see you.

Step 1

Open Skype and log in.

Step 2

Wait for a call. You do not need to leave Skype in the foreground while you do this; you can browse the Internet or use other programs, as long as you remained signed in to Skype. When you receive a call, a box will pop up over your other programs and tell you who is calling and whether the call is voice-only or with video. If you have your speakers on, you will also hear music when the box appears.

Step 3

Click “Answer” in the box that appears to receive a voice-only call. Click “Answer with Video” to receive the call with both voice and video activated. You have either of these options regardless of whether the other person is making a voice-only or voice-with-video call. If you do not wish to receive this call, you may click “Decline” instead.

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