How to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone 3G

By Isaac Carlson

Whether you are a business person who needs to keep records of conference calls, or a journalist who uses phone recordings as the basis for interview transcriptions--recording phone calls may be a necessity for you. Currently, the only way to do this on an iPhone 3G is with an iPhone application called "Recorder." Follow the steps below to extend the capability of your iPhone 3G to allow call recording.

Step 1

Power on your iPhone 3G and open the "App Store" from the main menu.

Step 2

Type in "Recorder" in the app store's search bar and press "Search." Purchase the Recorder application and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction and installation.

Step 3

Open the Recorder application from the home screen on your iPhone 3G.

Step 4

Press the "Call Recording" tab on the bottom of the program window. Click one of the top two buttons to purchase a one or eight hour block of call recording minutes. Recorder works with an outside phone company, so there is a small fee for recording calls. The transaction is done through the app store and you will be returned to the call recording screen upon completion.

Step 5

After purchasing call recording minutes, start a call from the Recorder call recording screen using your contact list or the number pad. Recorder will ask you to confirm connecting to their outside phone service. Select "Call" again to confirm. You should now see the standard iPhone call interface.

Step 6

Press the red "End Call" button to terminate the call. This will reopen Recorder and you will see your most recent recording at the top of the recordings list.

Tips & Warnings

  • Recorder's call recording, as of January 2010, is limited to calls originating and terminating in the United States--due to questions of legality in other territories.
  • You can set Recorder to automatically inform the recipient upon pickup that the call is being recorded. In many states, it is illegal to record phone calls without the consent of all parties.