How to Record Shows on DVR

By braniac

The invention of the DVR (digital video recorder) has streamlined show recordings down to a simple science - even for the not so technically inclined. It allows you to record up to two shows simultaneously.

Things You'll Need

  • DVR player
  • Cable
  • TV

Step 1

Using the remote control that comes with the DVR box, search through the guide of shows and choose which one you want to record and select it.

Step 2

You'll have several recording options: from single time recording to continual weekly recordings. The great thing is that there's a swap button that allows you to volley back and forth between channels and shows while you're recording or not.

Step 3

The Picture in a Picture (PIP) option will let you view in a shrunken screen another show while you watch your current programming - so you don't miss a beat and can switch back and forth at leisure.

Step 4

The DVR can store many hours of taped shows but it will start erasing any unwatched shows in the cache to free up memory space once capacity is reached.

Step 5

To keep certain shows for a longer period of time, you can choose to manually delete them.

Step 6

One main advantage of the DVR is it allows you to rewind shows that you're watching and fast forward past commercials as well. It's genius!

Tips & Warnings

  • The downside is that it can only record two shows max simultaneously or allow you to watch only two shows concurrently.
  • Unlike TiVo, it can't suggest other shows to watch in the same genre that you like.