How to Record Video With a Logitech Quickcam

By Ann Smith

A Logitech Quickcam can do a lot of things, including recording a video. So, dress up the kids and stand them in front of the camera and let them make you a music video. It's a lot of fun to record videos, not to mention, pretty easy.

Things You'll Need

  • Logitech Quickcam
  • Computer

Step 1

Double-click your Logitech Quickcam icon on your desktop. If you like, you can also access it through your start menu. The main window for your webcam should appear.

Step 2

Click on Quickcapture. This will turn on the webcam and display the screen from which you will record the video as well as see what is being recorded.

Step 3

Make any adjustments that you want to the webcam. Now is the time to do any lighting or screen size changes. Also, make sure your camera is aimed in the direction of what you are wanting to record.

Step 4

Click "Record a Video." Recording will begin and you will see a red box that says "Recording in Progress... Press to Stop Recording."

Step 5

Click to stop recording when you are ready. At this time, recording will cease and your default media player will appear and allow the option to view the video you just recorded. From here you can either keep the video in your library for later viewing or delete it.