How to Record Your Voice on a Mac

By Charlie Higgins

Audio recording was once a complex process requiring a large amount of expensive equipment and a high level of expertise. Fortunately, an audio recording and mixing program called GarageBand is now included with every copy of the Mac OS X operating system, so you can easily create an audio message or record a podcast. Using GarageBand, you can record your voice through your built-in microphone in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Open GarageBand. Select “File>New” and then click “Create a New Podcast” to create a new audio file. Name your new file and then click “Create.”

Step 2

In the Tracks window, select either the “Female Voice” track or the “Male Voice” track. Talk into your microphone and check that your voice is reflected by the levels in the “Monitor” column.

Step 3

Click “Record” when you are ready to begin recording. The Record button is underneath the track window and has a large red circle on it. Click the “Record” button again to stop recording.

Step 4

Press "Spacebar" to return to the beginning of your recording. Click “Play” to hear your recording. If you wish to rerecord your voice, click "Spacebar" and repeat Step 3.

Step 5

Click “Share>Export to Disk” when you have finished recording. Select MP3 encoding and choose a name and location for your file. Click "Save."