How to Recover a Corrupt JPG File

By Adam Cloe

JPG (also known as JPEG) files are a handy way of storing photos and images digitally. Occasionally, the files can become corrupted, effectively destroying the image. This can occur while copying or saving an image. It can also happen when you use a digital photo recovery program in response to an "unexpected error" message. JPG files can be corrupted even if their thumbnails remain intact.

Things You'll Need

  • JPG recovery program

Step 1

Obtain a JPG recovery program. Download free trial programs as you may have to try several before you find one that works for your corrupted image. JPEG Recovery and Picture Doctor both have free trials. Visit sites such as for programs.

Step 2

Open the recovery program by either double-clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or by opening it from the Start menu.

Step 3

Open your corrupted JPG file by clicking the File menu, selecting "Open picture file," and then selecting the JPG you want from the window that appears.

Step 4

Click the Recover button (located on the lower right).

Step 5

Look at the recovered image to make sure that the corrupted JPG has been restored. If the JPG is still corrupted, you may want to try another JPG recovery tool.

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