How to Recover a Lost Email

By LizaK

A lost email can be a pain, especially if the email contains important information. Often, confirmations, itineraries, personal information like passwords and other types of private information are sent via email, which means that when emails are lost, private information could be in danger. It's wise to try to recover lost emails instead of simply accepting that they are gone for good.

Step 1

Check the trash folder in your email program. Many times, a lost email has been deleted and you'll be able to find it here. Many email programs automatically delete emails in the trash every few days or few weeks, so you will need to check the folder in time.

Step 2

Check the recycle bin on your computer. If you have a web-based email, or even if your computer's settings are such that they save cookies and passwords, web pages like email displays might be sent to the recycle bin when they go missing. You might be surprised to find your missing email there.

Step 3

Do a computer search by going to the start menu, clicking on "find" and then typing anything into the search engine that corresponds to the email. If it is saved on the hard drive of your computer, you will find it in this way.

Step 4

Call or email tech support for your email program. For web-based accounts, like Hotmail, emailing tech support might be better than calling. For server-based issues, tech support will show you how to access your lost or missing emails.

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