How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Email

By Alexandra Romanov

Computer crashes not only have the potential to remove programs and files, they also very often remove important email and contact lists. The only way to guard against a possible loss of email contacts is to back up your contact list periodically. With a little advance preparation, it is possible to recover lost email.

Step 1

Set up your POP (Post Office Protocol) account by checking the box that allows you to save a copy of your email on your server.

Step 2

Open your email program. From the tools tab select "options" and then "Accounts." Choose "Advanced settings" and you will see a small box that allows you the option of leaving a copy of your email on the email server itself. Click on the box to place a check mark in it.

Step 3

Choose how long to keep the email on the server. You have the option, after placing a check in the box, to specify how long the email will stay on the server. You also have the option to delete them from the server when you clear them from your deleted file within your mail program.

Step 4

Reinstall your email program. After a computer crash, reinstall your email program and set up your email accounts as they were before. Click the "Send/Receive" button. This will download all of your email from the server back to your computer.