How to Recover an ASD File

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An ASD file is a fairly common file format that few people actually know is on their computer. Designed by Microsoft, ASD is a Microsoft Word automated backup file. While Word is open and being used, it will periodically save an ASD file. They are typically never used and the older ASD files are removed. However, there may be a time when one of the ASD files are needed and must be recovered. Here's how to recover an ASD file.

Step 1

Download Glary Utilities (see Resources below for link). After clicking "Download Now," a pop-up window will appear, asking if you'd like to save the file. Click "Save File."

Step 2

Open the file once in completes downloading. Click "OK" and then "Run" when asked about running the program.

Step 3

Click "Next" when the Glary Utilities installation wizard loads, and then follow the remaining prompts to complete the program's installation.

Step 4

Open the program by double-clicking its icon on the desktop. Select "Modules," then "Privacy & Security." Several options will appear, from which you should click "File Undelete." A new window will now load.

Step 5

Click the "C:" drive and click "Scan." Glary Utilities will scan the computer for files still on the computer that have been deleted. Most likely several hundred files will appear in the list when the scan completes. Type "ASD" into the blank next to filter and click the word "Filter." It will bring up all files with ASD in the title or extension.

Step 6

Select the ASD files and click "Restore." The files will now be recovered back to the hard drive.