How to Recover an Uninstall Program on a Computer

By Jason Taetsch

Accidentally uninstalling a software program can be quickly reversed thanks to native features of Windows. The System Restore tool included in your operating system enables you to recover programs after their are accidentally deleted or uninstalled. The utility takes periodic images of your computer's hard drive that it uses to restore your system to earlier operating conditions.

Step 1

Click "Start" and type "system restore" into the "Start Search" field. Press "Enter" to launch the "System Restore" interface.

Step 2

Click the "Next" button in the "System Restore" window. Click "Choose A Different Restore Point" link. Click a restore point that was created before you uninstalled the program. When you a click a point, the window will display a list of the programs affected by the restore. Find the point created just before the uninstall and click it.

Step 3

Click "Next" and click "Finish" in the confirmation window. Your computer will restart and recover the uninstalled program to your computer.

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