How to Recover Contacts After Restoring an iPhone

By Matt McGew

When restoring your iPhone, you may inadvertently remove contacts from your device. However, through the iTunes sync process, you may be able to restore those lost contacts to your iPhone. During previous syncs, iTunes will automatically transfer your iPhone's contacts to the contact management program on your computer. Therefore, you can typically recover any contacts transferred to your computer during the previous iTunes sync. However, you cannot restore your contacts if you have never synced your iPhone with your computer. Nor can you restore contacts added since the last sync.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone data cable

Step 1

Double-click the iTunes icon.

Step 2

Connect the iPhone to your computer using the data cable.

Step 3

Select your iPhone from the list of iTunes "Devices."

Step 4

Click the "Info" tab.

Step 5

Select the "Sync Address book Contacts" option. This will restore all contacts you had at your last sync.

Step 6

Select the "All contacts" option.

Step 7

Click the "Sync" button. Your iPhone will automatically sync with the contact management application on your computer and recover your lost contacts.

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