How to Recover Deleted Emails From Windows Mail

By Priya Hariharan

When you accidentally delete an email or need to recover old emails from Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to retrieve the communications. When an email is deleted, it is actually “marked” for deletion and kept in a folder.

Step 1

Make a copy of the Outlook PST. PST is the Personal Store file that contains all the emails and contacts. You can get the location of the PST from the “Personal folder” or “Outlook Today” at the top left corner in the Outlook window. Right-click on one of these folders and select “Properties” to get the full path to the PST file. It is very important to make a copy of the PST file as it will be modified in the third step.

Step 2

Click “Start” at the bottom of your desktop and select “Run”. Type “cmd” (without quotes) in the window that pops up, next to the word “Open”, and click \"OK\". Another window pops up to give you the command prompt mode.

Step 3

Type “DEBUG C:\\fullpath\\OutlookFile.PST” (without quotes) and hit the “Enter” key. Type “f 107 113 20” (without quotes) in the next line and hit “Enter”. Type “q” (without quotes) and hit “Enter”. These commands corrupt the PST file. The PST file must be corrupt in order to recover the deleted email.

Step 4

Open Windows Explorer and type \"C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\System\\Mapi\\1033\" (without quotes) into the navigation bar.

Step 5

Double-click \"ScanPST.exe\". ScanPST is Outlook’s repair tool that diagnoses and fixes errors in the PST file. You can run the ScanPST only when your PST is corrupt.

Step 6

Wait for the ScanPST to complete its scan. The ScanPST will restore the deleted emails to their corresponding folders as part of fixing the PST file.