How to Recover Deleted Overwritten Files

By LaoA

Computer users who accidentally delete or overwrite a file with their MS Word software can recover these documents. Your software removes the document and puts another document in its place that consists of the altered information. Though the replacement file lasts for only a temporary time, you can look through these temporary files on your operating system to locate the document that has the data you require.

Step 1

Press the button on the right portion of your mouse. Left-click on the word "Explorer." Go to the "Windows" file on your computer that sits on the "C" drive of your system. Enter the word "*.tmp" in the empty portion of the "Search" section.

Step 2

Press your mouse on the "Tools" tab. Choose "View" and then choose the "Show hidden files and folders" option. Press "Enter" on your computer.

Step 3

Press the right-hand button on your mouse in an empty space of the box. Choose "Sort by" and then select the "More" option.

Step 4

Mark the "Date modified" selection and press "Enter." Come back to the "Sort by" feature and proceed to "Date modified" to put the selection of files in order.

Step 5

Press the right-hand portion of your mouse in an empty part of the window and choose "View." Choose the "Details" function.

Step 6

Find out the location of newly altered file that starts with "~wrd" or "~wrf." Copy this data to a new folder you create on your computer hard drive.

Step 7

Start MS Word. Press your mouse on the MS Office icon to open your Word document. Select the "All files" option from the pull-down menu.

Step 8

Bring up the folder that holds the temp file. Choose the file you desire, then press the arrow adjacent to the "Open" tab. Press "Open and Repair" to recover the overwritten or deleted data.