How to Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages

By Chanel Adams

Sometimes, accidents happen and you delete a text message you wanted to keep. Just because you deleted the message does not mean that it is gone forever. You can recover deleted or lost short message service (SMS) or text messages with a SIM card recovery tool. Once you purchase one, you will see how easy it is to use. Some SIM card recovery tools will also allow you to recover deleted photos, videos, music and files.

Things You'll Need

  • SIM card recovery tool

Step 1

Purchase a SIM card recovery tool. This includes a SIM card reader and software. You can this at your electronic retailer or through your cell phone provider.

Step 2

Insert the SIM card recovery software into your computer's disk drive. Follow the setup wizard instructions for proper installation. Save the software to a new folder or a preexisting folder on your computer's hard drive.

Step 3

Choose "Custom Install" or "Typical Install." A Custom Install is for advanced computer users who know which components or add-ons to install on software. Typical Install allows you to install the total software package. Click "Install" when satisfied.

Step 4

Allow your computer to restart. This allows the computer to recognize the newly installed software.

Step 5

Remove the SIM card from your phone. Insert it into the SIM card reader. Plug the SIM card reader into your desktop computer or laptop's USB port.

Step 6

Click "Start" and "All Programs." Select the SIM card recovery software on your list of programs.

Step 7

Select the option for text messages. The software will look for lost messages in your SIM card. Select the message(s) you want to save to your SIM card and select "Undelete" or "Recover."