How to Recover Deleted Text Messages From iPhone Using Textpad

By Alexander Poirier

If you delete a text message on an iPhone, that message is gone forever, unless you have recently backed up your iPhone to your computer. If you have a recent backup of your iPhone saved on your computer, you can use the TextPad application to locate and recover the text message you deleted.

Step 1

Double-click the TextPad program icon to launch the program. Click the "Search" menu and select the "Find In Files" option.

Step 2

Type "newest_message" into the "Find What" field. Type "*.*" into the "In Files" field.

Step 3

Click the "Browse" button to the right of the "In Folder" heading. Click the icon for your computer's hard drive, followed by the "Users" link. Click your username, then select the "App Data" folder. Click the "Roaming" folder, then click the "Apple Computer" folder. Click the "MobileSync" folder, then select the "Backup" folder. Click the "OK" button to set the "Backup" folder as the "In Folder."

Step 4

Place a checkmark next to the "Search Sub-folders" option. Click the "Find" button to search for the relevant files.

Step 5

Double-click on the first item in the search results to open the SQLite file in TextPad. Scroll through the file until you find the deleted text message.