How to Recover Hacked Facebook Accounts

By Marie Cartwright

A hacked Facebook account is a serious security risk. Not only is your personal information compromised, but the hacker also has access to your friends and family members. Hacked Facebook accounts are often used for money scams as well. To minimize the harm done to you and your friends, you should begin Facebook's account recovery process as soon as you suspect that someone has access to your account. If you use the same password on other sites as you do for Facebook, you should change it immediately.

Step 1

Visit Facebook's Security page. Click "I think my account is compromised."

Step 2

Choose either "My account is compromised, but it is not being used for a money transfer scam" or "My account is being used for a money transfer scam." If your account is being used for a scam, clicking that link will immediately lock out your account.

Step 3

Click the "My account is compromised" button. Enter your email or phone number. If you suspect that the hacker has changed your personal information, you can also enter your Facebook username, or your name and a friend's name. You will then be directed to an account recovery form. Enter in your personal information, as well as any relevant information regarding the issues you are having with your account. If you do not have access to the email account associated with your Facebook profile, enter in an alternative email address.

Step 4

Click "Submit" when finished. A representative from Facebook's support team will contact you as soon as possible.