How to Recycle Floppy Discs

By Sanne Godfrey

While floppy disks contain useful information and programming software, the technology has become obsolete and the average USB drive can contain more information than a floppy disk. Throwing out your old floppy disks could have negative effects, both environmental as well as personal. Floppy disks can contain hazardous materials that should not be disposed of in landfills as they present a threat to the environment. Additionally, the information on floppy disks becomes public once you throw it into the garbage, subjecting you to identity theft. It's much safer, and easier, to recycle the floppy disks.

Step 1

Send old diskettes to the Floppydisk Recycle Program at:Floppydisk Recycle Program2620 Walnut Ave Unit DTustin, CA 92780-7028Donate more than 500 floppy disks and the company will pay 2 cents per disk.

Step 2

Recycle floppy disks at your business by registering for GreenDisk. The company will supply recycle boxes for used technology and recycle the technology.

Step 3

Data will be removed at the recycling center and the floppy disks will be redistributed to consumers.