How to Redo a Voicemail

By Mandy Slake

Most phone carriers allow you to redo your voicemail greeting as often as you like. For business lines, some people change their greeting daily. If you need to change your voicemail greeting, do so from your cell phone or from another phone. Call the voicemail system and select the menu option to change your greeting.

Step 1

Call your carrier's voicemail system. Some phones have a special access number, speed dial or short code for calling voicemail, but you can usually get voicemail by calling your own phone number directly.

Step 2

Dial the "*" or "#" key if you hear your voicemail greeting. The system will stop the greeting and prompt you for your voicemail passcode.

Step 3

Type in your passcode.

Step 4

Listen to the options. One should mention something about changing your greeting. If it's not under the main menu, it may be under a sub-menu such as "Personal Options."

Step 5

Record your new voicemail greeting.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some voicemail systems allow you to set a different greeting for extended absences.
  • If you're calling someone's voicemail and make a mistake with your message, try hitting "1" or "#" to see if the voicemail system allows you to erase and rerecord the message.