How to Reduce Video File Size

By Greyson Ferguson

When editing and using videos on a computer, the actual files are often incredibly large. This makes it difficult to use the footage on a website or save the data to a storage device (such as a DVD or hard drive). However, if you are just looking to save on space and don't mind loosing some video quality, it is possible to reduce the overall size of the video file.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button, then choose "Windows Movie Maker" from the pull-up menu. This is the default video-editing software installed on all Windows-based computers.

Step 2

Select "File," "Import," then choose the video file you want to reduce the size for. Click "OK" and the file imports into the program.

Step 3

Locate the video file imported (it is located on the right side of the program window as a thumbnail image), then click-and-drag the file down to the timeline.

Step 4

Select "File," "Save Movie As," then choose a location to save the file to and title the video. Click the "Advanced" button at the bottom of the window to load the video size editor.

Step 5

Choose a smaller video resolution and click the "Audio" options, then choose a reduced bit rate. Click "OK" and the reduced video file is created.

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