How to Refill HP 564 Cartidge

By Si Kingston

There are four separate HP 564 cartridges -- black, yellow, magenta and cyan. Only refill an HP 564 cartridge if there is at least a little ink remaining in the cartridge. When the HP 564 cartridge is run until it is bone dry, remaining ink can clog and damage the cartridge outlets. If you then refill a cartridge that was completely dry and replace it in the printer, the refilled cartridge can damage the printer's printhead. Before refilling, print a test page to verify that the print cartridge is not completely out of ink.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Plastic or vinyl glove
  • 1-3 syringes
  • Refill ink

Step 1

Set the cartridge down on a work space covered with paper towels.

Step 2

Fill the syringe with 4 ml of the appropriate color ink. If refilling more than just one 564 cartridge, be sure to use a different syringe for each color.

Step 3

Turn the HP 564 cartridge so the bottom is facing up, and locate the ink fill hole on the underside.

Step 4

Put on a vinyl glove, and place your finger to block ink from spilling from the fill hole.

Step 5

Turn the cartridge back over, and peel back the label. Notice the vent hole underneath.

Step 6

Insert the syringe needle into the vent hole, and slowly inject the ink. After the ink is injected, keep your finger over the fill hole for one additional minute to allow the ink to soak into the sponge inside the cartridge.

Step 7

Place the cartridge in a bowl or cup that can tolerate a spill, and allow any excess ink to drip for about two minutes.

Step 8

Insert the cartridge back in the printer, and run the cartridge through a print cleaning cycle, or print the pages provided in Resources. Keep in mind that all four cartridges need to be replaced before the printer will print anything.