How to Reinstall MFL Pro Suite

By Suvro Banerji

MFL-Pro Suite stands for Multi-Function Link Pro Suite, which is group of programs and applications designed to enhance functionality to your Brother printer. The MFL-Pro Suite comes free when you buy a Brother printer or an all-in-one machine. This suite is included on the product's CD-ROM and is typically installed during the printer's initial setup. For various reasons, you may face issues with MFL-Pro Suite applications. The easiest way to troubleshoot such errors is by simply reinstalling it.

Things You'll Need

  • MFL-Pro Suite installation CD

Step 1

Insert the product's CD-ROM into the CD/DVD-ROM drive.

Step 2

Navigate to "Computer," and then double-click your CD/DVD-ROM drive icon.

Step 3

Double-click the file "Start.exe."

Step 4

Click "Install MFL Pro-Suite."

Step 5

Click "Yes" after reading and accepting the ScanSoft PaperPort 9.0SE License Agreement.

Step 6

Read the Brother MFL-Pro Suite Software License Agreement, and then click "Yes" to agree to its terms.

Step 7

Choose the option "Local Connection" under "Connection Type." Select "Next" to continue.

Step 8

Connect the USB cable that was provided to you in the box from your Brother machine to one of the open USB ports on the computer when you see the following prompt: "Connect the machine." Select "Next" to proceed with the installation.

Step 9

Click "On-Line Registration." Type your name, address and email address in the appropriate fields. Click "Next" when you have finished entering all of the required fields.

Step 10

Click "Finish" to complete the installation. The computer will automatically restart.