How to Reinstall the Windows Update ActiveX Control

By Tye Larabee

ActiveX controls, or add-ons, are small programs that run quietly in the background to power website animations and to ensure website content displays properly. One of the more important functions of ActiveX controls, however, is allowing you to update Windows via Microsoft Update. If you are having difficulty using Windows Update and receive an error message stating that you have an incorrect version of the Windows Update ActiveX control, you may need to download and install the latest version. It is also helpful to try reinstalling the ActiveX control if Windows Update is not working properly.

Step 1

Download Version 6 of the Windows Update ActiveX control using the link listed in Resources section.

Step 2

Save the file to a folder you will remember later. It is often easiest to download programs to your desktop for easy retrieval.

Step 3

Use a free unzip utility program, such as 7-zip, to extract the files to a temporary folder. Again, it is often easiest to create a temporary folder on your desktop so you can easily find the extracted files.

Step 4

Open the temporary folder, right-click on "Wusetup.inf," and choose "Install."

Step 5

Restart your computer once ActiveX has finished installing. You should now have the updated version of Windows Update ActiveX Controls.