How to Reinstall Windows to Fix the Registry Without Losing Data

By Alex Lubyansky

Microsoft Windows 7 works in an overall smooth and efficient fashion. Yet, you may experience damage to your registry for any number of reasons. In this situation, you may even have to resort to a reinstallation of Windows 7. If you do not perform this properly, you can lose all the files and settings on your current version of Windows 7. Luckily, even the basic computer user can properly perform a reinstallation to both fix the registry and keep files intact.

Step 1

Place your Windows 7 installation DVD into your DVD drive. Restart your computer and press a key to boot from the DVD once prompted.

Step 2

Click "Install Now." Choose the "Upgrade" installation option. This option will retain your files, programs and settings. Read and accept the Microsoft license agreement. Click "Next."

Step 3

Type in your 25-character Microsoft product key. Click "Next." Click "Install" and allow Windows 7 to reinstall on your computer. Once finished, restart your computer to enjoy a functional version of Windows 7 with all of your files intact.

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