How to Remove a Friend From LinkedIn

By Shawn Farner

If you have a LinkedIn connection that you've decided you'd rather not be connected to, you can delete this person as a friend so you're no longer connected on the network. LinkedIn, a social networking site for career-minded individuals, allows you to friend and defriend or connect to and de-connect with other users as you please. You can learn how to remove a friend on the LinkedIn social network by following a few steps.

Step 1

Open the LinkedIn website at and sign in to your account.

Step 2

Hover over the "Contacts" link in the top menu bar using your mouse and click "My Connections".

Step 3

Click the "Remove Connections" link located near the top of the screen on the right side.

Step 4

Check the box next to the contact or contacts you want to remove as LinkedIn connections, then click the "Remove Connections" button to complete the process.

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