How to Remove a Watermark Text in PPT

By Foye Robinson

Microsoft PowerPoint documents are saved with a PPT file extension. There is no text watermark option in PowerPoint, so they are created with text boxes or WordArt instead. If you don't want a text watermark to appear on screen, slides or in printed material, you can remove it completely. Text watermarks are sometimes used to mark draft documents. You can remove the watermark if your PowerPoint is finished or to remove distraction.

Step 1

Open the PowerPoint file you want to modify.

Step 2

Go to the slide that contains the watermark. To find a text watermark in the slide master, select the "View" tab. Click "Slide Master" from the "Presentations View" group.

Step 3

Click the edge of the text watermark on your page to select it. The blue dashes surrounding the watermark will turn into a solid, blue line.

Step 4

Press the "Delete" key to remove it.