How to Remove All the Blank Rows in Excel 2007

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Excel 2007 has several features to help you enhance your workbooks. These features can remove unnecessary data and spaces from your final spreadsheet. Removing blank rows can be done by applying a filter to your data. When the filter is applied, dropdown icons appear in the column headers of your data. Once this is done, you can customize the filter to display rows that have data. The blank rows will be hidden by using this feature.

Step 1

Open Excel 2007 and select a workbook. Select the "Office" button and click "Open." Search your network for the workbook. Click the workbook and select "Open." The workbook opens.

Step 2

Select the first column header in your workbook. Select the "Home" tab and click "Filter" from the "Sort & Filter" button in the "Editing" group. Notice the dropdown icons that appear in your column headers.

Step 3

Select a column header that may contain blank data. Click the dropdown icon. Scroll down in the list and locate "Blanks." Remove the check. The blank rows from this column are removed.

Step 4

Repeat this step for each column that may contain blank data. Once you have done this for each affected column, all of the blank rows will be removed from your Excel 2007 workbook.