How to Remove an Address From the White Pages

By Becky Swain

Online directories present obstacles to the pursuit of anonymity because they provide a treasure trove of information about you. For example, marketing databases and public records such as court documents, county and state records, marriage licenses and voter registration can be obtained for a price or for free. The WhitePages receives listing information from public records, third-party data suppliers and member-published listings. Member-published listings are obtained from individuals who supply their cell phone number and email address directly to WhitePages. Happily, removing your information from the WhitePages can be accomplished easily via an online form.

Step 1

Search for your listing on the WhitePages website.

Step 2

Click on your name if your search reveals multiple listings for your name.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the "Details" page and locate the "Remove this listing" link.

Step 4

Click on the "Remove this listing" link and follow the instructions provided to remove your listing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit WhitePages again to remove new information that will be present if you move or change your name.