How to Remove an AVG Security Toolbar

By Jason Artman

When an AVG security product is installed, a toolbar is automatically installed to pre-scan websites that you are about to visit and determine whether they are safe. While the AVG Security Toolbar may enhance the security of the computer, you may not like the screen real estate it consumes while running. Disable the toolbar if you do not need the extra Web browser protection but would like the standard AVG security program to continue running in the background.

Disabling the AVG Security Toolbar in Internet Explorer

Step 1

Click "Tools," then click "Manage Add-ons."

Step 2

Click "AVG Security Toolbar."

Step 3

Click "Disable." A window will appear notifying you that the add-on, "AVG Security Toolbar BHO," will also be disabled. Click the "Disable" button to confirm this.

Step 4

Click the "Close" button.

Step 5

Close and reopen Internet Explorer.

Disabling the AVG Security Toolbar in Firefox

Step 1

Click "Tools," then "Add-ons."

Step 2

Click "AVG Security Toolbar," then click "Disable."

Step 3

Click the "Restart Firefox" button.

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