How to Remove Applications From an iPhone

By Christopher Kennedy

The Apple iPhone made third-party applications popular with the introduction of the App Store, which toted the slogan "There's an App For That," referring to the vast software library users can access. You can easily get carried away with installing new apps, however, with a bulk of the apps costing nothing. Freeing up space by removing applications is a simple process.

Step 1

Unlock your iPhone to access the home screen and the list of applications.

Step 2

Locate the application you want to remove or install.

Step 3

Touch the icon of the app you want to remove for a few seconds. The icons on all the home screens will begin to shake and a white "x" in a black circle will appear at the upper left corner of all the apps you can remove.

Step 4

Touch the "x" icon and a prompt will appear on screen asking you if you want to delete the application and all its data. Touch the "Delete" option.

Tips & Warnings

  • iPhone apps included on your phone when you purchased it cannot be deleted.