How to Remove Background Using Paint

By Suvro Banerji

Microsoft Paint gives you the basic tools for photo editing. It is the default graphics software for Windows operating systems. With Paint, you can choose to remove a background from an image using the "Free-Form Select" tool. This tool allows you to select any irregularly shaped part of the picture, like the background. Once you remove the background, you can choose to save the image as a new file or replace the existing one.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Paint from the Start menu. Click the "File" tab and choose "Open."

Step 2

Navigate to the image that you want to work with. Single-click the file and click "Open."

Step 3

Click the icon for the "Free-Form Select" tool at the very top left corner of the Toolbox. It looks like an irregular object with dotted lines.

Step 4

Drag the pointer to select the background you wish to remove from the image.

Step 5

Click the "Edit" tab and choose "Clear Selection" to remove the background.