How to Remove Carriage Returns in Word 2007

By Sonia Waring

Microsoft Word's Find and Replace functions are efficient solutions to more than just frequently misspelled words or names. You can use Find and Replace to change fonts, correct two spaces to one space between sentences, and even get rid of all carriage returns in a document, making one paragraph from many.

Step 1

Press "Ctrl" and click "H" to bring up the Replace dialog.

Step 2

Enter "^p" in the "Find what:" field. Enter nothing in the "Replace with:" field.

Step 3

Click "Replace All" or, to remove only some carriage returns, click "Find Next" and then "Replace" when you arrive at a carriage return you want to remove.

Tips & Warnings

  • If Word doesn't recognize some or all of what look like carriage returns in the document, the breaks between lines may be line breaks, not carriage returns. On paper, they look the same, but the code is different. To remove line breaks, repeat Steps 2 through 4, replacing "^p" with "^l" -- that's a lowercase "L."