How to Remove Cell Phone Scratches

By Alicia Bodine

If you own a cell phone, chances are you carry it around everywhere you go. The more you handle the phone, the likelier you are to accidentally drop it. Scratches can surface as a result of dropping your phone numerous times. You can get rid of those scratches and restore your cell phone back to its original beauty.

Things You'll Need

  • DisplexMicrofiber clothPaper towel


Step 1

Purchase a tube of Displex from (see resources). It costs about $5 and will work on any cell phone or PDA.

Step 2

Wipe down your cell phone with a damp paper towel before you begin. This will get any dirt off of the cell phone. Dry the cell phone with another paper towel.

Step 3

Apply a small amount of the Displex to your microfiber cloth.

Step 4

Rub the Displex in the scratch in a circular motion for at least three minutes.

Step 5

Check to see if the Displex has covered the entire scratch. Deep scratches will need a repeat of steps 3 and 4.

Step 6

Wipe away any excess residue with a dry piece of your microfiber cloth.

Tips & Warnings

  • Each tube of Displex contains 10 applications.For $9 you can buy a cleaning kit, which gives you a microfiber cloth with your Displex.

References & Resources