How to Remove ID3 Headers

By Quinten Plummer

Whether you need to remove headers from mislabeled MP3 files or you simply would like to label the files yourself, removing both ID3 version one and two tags is a simple task when using the right tools. With the help of some free software available on the Web, you can remove the ID3 headers from a single MP3 file or from multiple files in a batch.

Things You'll Need

  • Winzip (optional)

Step 1

Download a copy of ID3KILL to your desktop from a secure download source (see Resources below). Create a new folder on your desktop, and move the downloaded zip file to the folder.

Step 2

Extract the program with an extraction utility (see Resources below), and then click on the purple ID3KILL icon to launch the program.

Step 3

Copy the MP3 files from which you want to remove the ID3 headers into the newly created folder on your desktop.

Step 4

Click on the "Directory" icon in the ID3KILL menu. Use the Explorer menu that comes up to browse for the new folder you created on your desktop---containing the MP3 files you want to remove ID3 headers from. Click "OK" after selecting the folder.

Step 5

Click "GO" back in ID3KILL's main menu to begin removing the ID3 headers.