How to Remove Iexplore Multiple Malware

By Thomas King

The iexplore.exe process is a legitimate process used by Internet Explorer. However, if your computer contains more than one process named iexplore.exe, the extra process is a virus. Finding and deleting the extraneous and malicious process is relatively simple.

Checking Task Manager

Step 1

Hold down \"Ctrl,\" \"Alt\" and \"Delete.\"

Step 2

Click on \"Task Manager.\"

Step 3

Scroll down the list of processes and determine if there is more than one process named \" iexplore.exe.\" If there is, you have the virus. Note: The legitimate iexplore.exe is most likely the one that is using less memory.

Deleting The Virus

Step 1

Click \"Start,\" and then \"Run.\" If using Windows Vista or 7, simply hold down the Windows Key and click the letter \"R.\"

Step 2

Type \"MSCONFIG\" (without the quotation marks) into the dialog box and then click \"OK.\"

Step 3

Uncheck \"Load Startup Items\" and then click \"OK.\" Restart your computer when prompted to do so.

Step 4

Click \"Start\" and then \"Search\" or \"Start Search.\"

Step 5

Search for \"iexplore.exe\" using the \"All files and folders\" option. The legitimate iexplore.exe will be stored in “C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer.” Thus, you should delete all iexplore.exe files that do not appear in that location.

Tips & Warnings

  • Viruses such as iexplore.exe typically do not act alone. Thus, you should purchase or download an antivirus program to remove additional viruses and prevent viruses, including iexplore.exe, from returning. You can find some of the more popular antivirus programs at the link below in Resources.