How to Remove Keys From a Toshiba Satellite

By Melissa Rae

Toshiba Satellite laptops offer a wide range of functions for gaming, work and personal use. Broken keys or a dirty keyboard are some of the reasons you may want to remove the laptop keys. Fortunately, removing Toshiba Satellite keys requires little effort beyond a few preparations. If you plan on removing most or all the keys, you may want to reference a keyboard layout to place them back in the proper position.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat screwdriver or butter knife

Step 1

Turn off and unplug the Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Step 2

Wedge a flat screwdriver or butter knife underneath a corner of the key you wish to remove.

Step 3

Pry the key cap gently from the key assembly with the screwdriver or butter knife. Stop when you hear a snap, or you risk breaking the key assembly underneath.

Step 4

Grab the key with your fingers and pull it away from the keyboard.