How to Remove Lines From a Word 2007 Table

By Amy Dombrower

Once you create a table in Microsoft Word 2007, you can format it any way you like. Word 2007 has pre-built table styles you can use, or you can customize your own with borders and shading. The default table style uses outlines around the entire table, as well as in between each cell. However, if you don't like the lines, you can remove them.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Word 2007 document containing the table you want to format.

Step 2

Click inside the table. Under the Table Tools section on the Ribbon, click the "Layout" tab. Click "Select" in the Table group, then click "Select Table." This will highlight the entire table.

Step 3

Click the "Design" tab.

Step 4

Click "Borders" in the Table Styles group.

Step 5

Click "No Border" to remove all lines from the whole table. If you decide you don't want all lines removed, click "Borders" again and choose which lines you want to add back in. For instance, to only have inner lines, click "Inside Borders."

Tips & Warnings

  • You also can remove lines from certain cells in a table by first selecting the cells. On the Home tab, click the "Show/Hide" button in the Paragraph group. This will add a mark to each cell so you know where to select them. To select a cell, point your cursor to the cell mark until it turns into a black arrow. Click to select it. Press "Ctrl" to select multiple cells. Once you have your selection of cells, click the "Design" tab. Click "Borders" in the Table Styles group, then click "No Borders" to remove the lines.