How to Remove Malware Manually

By Allison Boelcke

Malware is any file or software on your computer that sneaks its way onto your computer without your knowledge, such as viruses and spyware. Not only does malware slow down your computer, it can potentially steal your personal information. Lots of software out there can remove malware for you, but it can be expensive. The free software out there will just tell you what malware is on your computer but won't remove it. Fortunately, there is a way you can take what you learn from those free scanners and remove malware manually.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Free file scan software, such as Panda Security
  • Word-processing program, such as Notepad
  • Free file delete software, such as Killbox

How to Remove Malware Manually

Step 1

Locate the malware on your computer by running a scan using the antivirus software that came with your computer. If you don't have antivirus software, go to a website such as Panda Security where you can run a malware scan for free.

Step 2

Click Run Full Scan. If the website prompts you to run Active-X, click Yes to allow.

Step 3

Wait for the scan to run. This may take up to an hour and will identify any malware for free but will not remove it.

Step 4

When the scan finishes, it will show you any malware infecting your system. Open a word-processing program and type the exact name and location of the malware exactly as the scan lists it.

Step 5

To assist you in quickly deleting the malware files, go to the Killbox website and click download Killbox. After a pop-up menu prompts you to choose Run or Save, select Save.

Step 6

After the Save As menu appears, click Desktop on the left side and select Save. Go to your computer's desktop, double-click the Killbox icon and select Run when prompted.

Step 7

Select the Delete on Reboot option on the left side of the menu. Make sure to click the All Files option on the right side.

Step 8

Go to the word-processing program that you typed your malware file information in, click Edit and Select All. Select Edit again and click Copy.

Step 9

Return to the Killbox, click File and then Paste from Clipboard. Select the Delete button (the red-and-white X located at the right); wait for your computer to restart and then the malware will be gone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Manually removing malware on your own for free can potentially damage your computer, so proceed with caution.