How to Remove Maps from a Garmin GPS

By Justin Obrien

Removing maps from a Garmin GPS device may be necessary if your SD memory is almost full and you want to add a new map you bought. This is why when a Garmin GPS device offers updated maps you should accept the update download that will replace old maps. To delete an unneeded map on the device--and clear up some memory--you then need to keep these steps in mind.

Things You'll Need

  • Garmin GPS
  • PC equipped with SD card reader

Step 1

Remove the SD card from the Garmin GPS.

Step 2

Insert SD card into your computer's card reader.

Step 3

Open the "My Computer" in either the desktop or the start button.

Step 4

Double click the SD card folder to open it.

Step 5

Hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard and left click on all the map files in the folder. Once they are all highlighted, right click and select "Copy."

Step 6

Go to your desktop, right click and select "Paste." You have created backup copies of the maps in your Garmin GPS. Return to the SD card folder via "My Computer."

Step 7

Select the map file you wish to delete, left click it once and press both "Shift" and "Delete" on your keyboard.

Step 8

Return the SD card into Garmin GPS. Turn it on. Check the screen to see if the right map has been deleted. If any mistakes are made, simply start over from step 1. Replace any map that has been accidentally deleted.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always keep backup copies of the maps you plan to delete. This will allow you to backtrack and correct any mistakes, preventing you from spending more money on replacements. Set aside a backup folder in your computer's hard drive or a spare disk for safe keeping.

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