How to Remove McAfee Parental Controls

By Mario Calhoun

As a part of the McAfee Internet Security suite, Parental Controls is a feature that protects your children from accessing unsafe websites as well as opening applications you deem inappropriate such as instant messaging and email applications. While activated, your children will not be able to view any of the banned applications or websites until you deactivate Parental Controls using your administrator password. Once Parental Controls is disabled, your children will be able to access any type of content on your computer until it is reactivated.

Step 1

Open the McAfee Internet Security program on your computer, and click the "Parental Controls" tab in the main Internet Security window. Enter your administrator password when prompted.

Step 2

Select "Configure" and "Advanced" in the Parental Controls section, and click "Users Settings." Select your child's account name in the "Users Settings" window to manage your child's user account.

Step 3

Click the "Edit" button and click the "OFF" button next to "Age Appropriate Searching." This allows your child to enter any search terms or keywords.

Step 4

Click the "Content Rating" tab, and change the age group to "Adult" to turn off the age group restriction. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window to save the changes.