How to Remove Motorola RAZR Batteries

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

There are several different versions of the Motorola Razr cell phone, including the V3 and the V3i. However, these versions are simply updates of the original Razr. The Razr is sometimes referred to as the Motorazr. All Razr phones have a single battery. You might want to remove it before disassembling the phone; you might also need to replace the phone's battery. Removing the Razr battery is the same no matter which version you have.

Step 1

Hold "End" to turn the Razr off. Close the phone's screen and turn it over to access the back cover.

Step 2

Inspect the back cover near the phone' hinge. Find the small button. Push the button to release the Razr's back cover. Lift the cover off. You'll now see the battery.

Step 3

Pull the battery out. It is not attached by any harnesses or cables; it simply slides out.

Tips & Warnings

  • When re-installing the battery, or installing the new battery, verify that the battery's terminals are touching the terminals in the battery compartment.