How to Remove Old Network Connections in Windows Vista

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Windows Vista takes some of the best features of Windows XP and expands on them. Internet connectivity, for example, is much easier to set up and manage in Windows Vista. For some it's as simple as plugging in the network cable and activating Internet Explorer. But if you want to have control over your network connectivity it is also possible to remove old network connections whenever you need.

Things You'll Need

  • Administrative privileges
  • Windows Vista

Remove Old Network Connections In Windows Vista

Step 1

Use your mouse to click on the Start menu and select the Control Panel.

Step 2

Click the "Network and Internet" button once the Control Panel loads and select the Network and Sharing Center.

Step 3

Click the "Manage network connections" tab.

Step 4

Look for the old network connections you wish to remove in the scroll box. Depending on how many connections you currently have in Windows Vista it is possible you'll need to scroll a bit to find the one you wish to remove.

Step 5

Click on the old connection you wish to remove.

Step 6

Click the "Remove" button.

Step 7

Confirm your selection by pressing "Yes" when asked whether you are sure you wish to remove the connection. You may also elect to press "Cancel" or "No" to return you to the previous screen and prevent the connection's removal.

Step 8

Note that you can also change network connections through the network wizard. Simply click Start, then "Connect To" and "Show all connections."

Step 9

Select the network connection you wish to change by right-clicking on it and selecting the option you wish. You can choose to "Disable" the connection, which would have roughly the same effect as completely removing it, rendering it inactive.

Step 10

Press the "Delete" key after clicking on a network connection in the Network Connection window. This will completely delete the connection in the same way that removing it from the Control Panel would.

Tips & Warnings

  • There's no harm in leaving network connections on your system. It's possible to create a dozen different connection types and use them whenever you choose. The main reason one would remove old network connections is to remove clutter from the interface.
  • Avoid removing active network connections, as this will disrupt service to your system and make it difficult to reestablish Internet connectivity (you'll have to start from the beginning).