How to Remove Page Breaks From Excel 2007

By C. Taylor

Page breaks allows you to force Excel 2007 to position text after a break on a separate page. This is useful when you want to start a range of cells on a new page. However, after adjusting your Excel spreadsheet, you may find these breaks are no longer required. Although Excel does not allow you to remove automatic page breaks, which are entered based on the size of your page, you can delete any manual page break.

Step 1

Open the Excel file in which you'd like to remove a page break. Click the "View" tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2

Click "Page Break Preview" in the "Workbook Views" group. This allows you to see your manual page breaks.

Step 3

Click the row or column label after the page break you wish to delete. As an example, to delete the page break between columns E and F, you would click the top "F" column label, which selects the entire F column. Likewise, click the "20" row label to select the page break between rows 19 and 20.

Step 4

Click the top "Page Layout" tab.

Step 5

Click "Breaks" in the "Page Setup" group, and select "Remove Page Break." Alternatively, select "Reset All Page Breaks" to remove them all.

Step 6

Click the "View" tab, and click "Normal" in the "Workbook Views" group to return to your normal view mode.

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