How to Remove Pictures from a Memory Card

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

Removing pictures from a digital camera can be fairly easy with just a few steps and having the right accessories. By following these easy steps, you are sure to have all of those pictures from your favorite occasion so that you can keep all of your favorite memories forever.

Things You'll Need

  • Memory card reader
  • USB cables or parallel cables that came with your camera

Removing your cards with a memory card reader.

Step 1

Remove your memory card from your digital camera.

Step 2

Place your memory card inside of your memory card reader. Be careful not to push it to hard in. It should slide in easily.

Step 3

Connect the USB connector from the memory card into the USB port on your computer.

Step 4

Choose the drive that your memory card reader is on. It may say the name of your camera such as KODAK for example. Click on that drive.

Step 5

Select all of the pictures on your card by pushing the "cntrl" and "a" button your computer. Right click, and then choose "cut."

Step 6

Place your pictures in the corresponding folder that you would like them in or upload them to your favorite photo developing center. You can also copy them onto a CD-R or CD-RW so that you can take them to a photo printing shop as well.

Removing your pictures with usb or parallel cables

Step 1

Connect your USB or parallel cord from your camera to your computer.

Step 2

Wait a few seconds for your computer to notice your camera hardware. Once it has detected it, then choose the drive that your camera is located on. It should have the name of your camera next to the drive that it is on.

Step 3

Select all of the pictures or the pictures that you would like from the drive. Copy and paste them into the corresponding folder that you would like them to be in.

Step 4

Upload your photos to your favorite photo publishing website or save them onto a cd to take to a print shop.