How to Remove Pnkbstrb EXE

By Kefa Olang

Pnkbstrb.exe is a PunkBuster Software process. It is installed by online PC games such as Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2 and America's Army Version 2. It launches automatically at computer startup and works as an anti-cheat program for these online multiplayer games. PunkBuster can be removed from your computer if you no longer need these games. This simple process can be accomplished using a supplied uninstaller that removes the drivers from your computer system.

Step 1

Navigate to the PunkBuster FAQ page (see Resources). Click the "Here" link under "What is all this about new PunkBuster services?"

Step 2

Click "Run" to download the uninstall link. When the link has downloaded it, the uninstall wizard will automatically launch.

Step 3

Click the "Uninstall/Remove PunkBuster Service" radio button and click "Next" to uninstall and remove it from your computer.

References & Resources