How to Remove Pop-Ups in Internet Explorer

By Stephanie D

Pop-up advertisements are an intrusive method of internet advertising where advertisements open up a separate new window. Internet Explorer has a pop-up blocker that you can configure to prevent pop-ups during your internet session. You can select to remove all pop-ups or only pop-ups from a select site. Internet Explorer will also notify you each time a pop-up has been blocked.

Step 1

Click on the start button on the lower left hand corner of your screen.

Step 2

Select "Internet Explorer" to open the browser.

Step 3

Open the "Tools" menu located on the upper section of the screen.

Step 4

Select "Pop-Up Blocker" to configure the settings for Internet Explorer's pop-up blocker.

Step 5

Select "Turn On Pop-up Blocker" to turn on the Pop-up Blocker.