How to Remove Relevant Knowledge Spyware Free

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Image Credit: Kheng ho Toh/Hemera/Getty Images

Here's how to remove Relevant Knowledge spyware/adware from your computer for free. Relevant Knowledge is a spyware process that, I believe, records information to send to companies about your interests. Let's remove the spyware, shall we?

Step 1

The removal of Relevant Knowledge is pretty simple compared to other forms of spyware/adware. First, go to the Start Menu.

Step 2

Select Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. For Vista users, select Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program (it's in small print under Programs). Search for Relevant Knowledge in the list.

Step 3

Single-click on RelevantKnowledge, and click Uninstall up near the top. It will take you through the process, thus ridding you of your spyware.

Step 4

Next, open your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete once. This will either open your Task Manager, or give you the option to open Task Manager. Make sure Relevant Knowledge is not on the list - if it is, End Process.

Step 5

Restart your computer. Relevant Knowledge should be gone! If it isn't gone, try this process over again.


While your Programs list is up, look for other programs that may be spyware or adware (like Relevant Knowledge), and carefully remove them. It's best to check the internet first before removing anything, as there might be helpful documentation for other free removal of spyware/adware.


Be careful when removing other spyware/adware. Always look online for documentation. Goodbye, Relevant Knowledge.