How to Remove the Back Art From a CD Case

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Removing back art from CD cases may seem difficult at first, but with a little practice, patience and strength, you can take apart your CD case and retrieve the back art. Whether you want to re-use the CD case or use the back art somewhere else, follow these directions to get the case apart to remove the art.

Step 1

Locate the lid of the CD case and open it.

Step 2

Position the CD case so that the black tray points towards the floor and the transparent lid points to the ceiling.

Step 3

Put your left hand's thumbnail in the CD case's left corner where the clear lid and the black tray meet and press down. Keep pressing until a small space appears between the transparent lid and the black tray.

Step 4

Place your right hand's index and middle fingers' nails in the space. Dislodge the top left corner of the CD case from the black tray by lifting it.

Step 5

Pull the black tray away from the transparent CD case until the right corner dislodges.

Step 6

Insert your fingers further into the case and towards the bottom left corner. Grasp the black tray and carefully pull the bottom left corner of the black tray free from the transparent case.

Step 7

Unhook the last bottom right connection and remove the back art.

Tips & Warnings

  • Gauge how much pressure you should apply to the CD case when taking it apart by looking at the corners and inspecting cracks in the plastic.
  • Don't be too forceful when attempting to take the CD case apart as you may damage your back art by wrinkling or tearing it.